Seed Orders, Books, & Storms

Mom and I have finally decided what seeds we want to order. Now we just have to order them. We went from the pile on the left with everything we thought we wanted to the pile on the right with what we really wanted. The top list is what we're ordering, and the bottom list is next years wish list.

I found this book at the library. It's been interesting to read. It was written in 1989, and some of the advice seems a little odd to me. For example, the author recommends growing hybrids instead of heirlooms because hybrids are bred to grow faster. While this is true, I'm sure there are plenty of fast-growing heirloom seeds available. Anyway, I'm interested in growing tomatoes inside, along with salad greens, and a few herbs.
Not exactly garden related, but we had another storm on Sunday that was the cause of this 36 car pileup. One person was killed and 24 were injured. I'm glad I wasn't out there. The wind chill was below zero. I was coming home from church, got stuck in the driveway, and had to shovel some snow. I didn't do much, but by the time I got done and parked my car in the garage my hands were red, cold, and numb - and I was wearing my thinsulate gloves, too! Thankfully temperatures are rising, and the wind chill is 11ºF, instead of somewhere below zero. Maybe my grandparents will bring back some sunshine and 80º weather when they get back from their cruise. I'll settle for 60º, though.

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