Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February

I'm a day late with my GBBD post, however, I did take the pictures yesterday. They just didn't make it to the computer. I don't have anything that's got flowers, so I decided to share some houseplants.
This is my catnip. Mom painted the pot for me - didn't she do a good job? This used to be near the edge of the plant bench, but Callie Cat decided that since I give her a leaf every once in a while, she could help herself whenever she wanted. So I moved it to the back where she hopefully won't get into it.
This is some Lemon Balm I started from Mom's plant. Her plant wasn't doing to well, so I decided to start another plant in case hers dies. It's doing well, although maybe I should have put it in the basement or garage for the winter to give it a dormant period.
I also took a cutting from our Pineapple Sage. It has rooted very quickly, and should be ready for potting up in a few days.
Happy bloom day!


jodi said...

In our house, the very very bad catchildren would have that catnip eaten down to its roots--and Tigger, the senior and most addicted catchild, would dig up the roots, eat them, knock the pot on the floor, and roll in the dirt! So we're currently without fresh catnip, just a little bit of dried in the freezer.

Carol said...

Thanks for joining us for bloom day. You are quite brave to keep catnip in the house with a cat. I had some outside and the neighborhood cats came over every evening to wallow in it!

Sarah said...

The cats mostly leave it alone, so maybe they didn't get a very strong catnip gene. For some reason Callie eats it instead of playing with it. Klausie, however, understands that one is supposed to play with the leaf she gets, and plays until Callie comes and eats her leaf, too.
Thanks for stopping by!