Blog Makeover Complete (I Hope)

I think I'm done tweaking my blog. This afternoon I decided I wanted 3 columns and made the changes. If anyone is interested, I used the guide here. They also have directions for changing other blogger templates.
I also updated my blogroll. These are some of my favorite blogs to read.

The one thing I would like to change is the second line, below my countdown. I couldn't find where to insert it as html, and put it in as a picture.
Can anyone tell me where to put it in the html?



kate said...

I wish that I could help you with your html question, but I can't. I can tell you that your blog looks great! Good for you for making it look better!

Ginny said...

Sarah, it looks great. I especially like the background as it goes perfectly with the rest of the layout.

Thank you for helping me with my blog; now I need to find the perfect background.


Sarah said...

Kate- maybe someone else can help me with the html. I'm glad you like the way it looks. I like it a lot better, too.

Mom-I love the background too. It's exactly what I hadc in mind when I started searching.