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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day was started by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. To see more blooms, visit her blog.

This past week, I have been on vacation with my family. My photos for this Bloom Day are of the house we stayed in, and some of the lovely flower beds. Please let me know if any of my flower ID's are wrong.

The house we stayed in in Gordonville PA. and a window box.

 Pink Geraniums


More Impatiens

 A rosebush

 Closeup of a rose bloom

 This butterfly was flying around. I haven't had time to look up what kind it is. Can anyone help me out?

 My assistant. She'd been hanging around since we arrived.
 There were a lot of Black-Eyed Susans

 The front garden

 Closeup of the pink flowers - Petunias I think

I spotted this kitty under the Japanese Maple in the front garden. S/he was too skittish to be petted, though.

Happy Bloom Day!!!

Blog Posts V

Blog Posts of the Week: a semi-regularly published collection of my favorite blog posts from the past week. (Or however long it's been since the last time I posted my favorite blog posts.) In this case, it has been approximately a month.

Polar Bear Parsley Seed
From The Veggie-Patch Re-imagined. I'm going to try and get my parsley to do this. I'm getting tired of having to buy more every year.  I do actually have a plant inside that I overwintered, maybe if I put it outside it will flower for me.(Photo note: Somehow I've managed to not take any pictures of Parsley for the last few years. Here's one from 2007)

Potatoes in a Barrel - The Harvest
This is my first year attempting to grow onions. I hope that next year will be my first year growing potatoes. I just need a barrel of some sort...This post is from Our Little Acre.

Garden Patch Grow Box  and  How to Collect Black-Eyed Susan Vine Seeds
These posts are both from Mr. Brown Thumb. He has been trying this grow box, and I am very impressed with the results.The other post, about collecting Thunbergia seeds is very helpful. My Mom loves Black-Eyed Susan Vines, and I have attempted to grow them for her for several years. This year, when I planted the starts, I found what I thought was a self-sown vine. Let's just say that I need to work on my weed identification skills. Now that the Thunbergia has been freed of the weed, Mom and I hope to see some blooms soon.

You Might Be a Gardening Geek: Blogging Edition
Yes, I am most certainly a Gardening Geek. Carol from May Dreams Gardens has an ongoing series of You Might be a Gardening Geek: posts. Here's a link to more Garden Geek posts.

Thursday Dose of Cute: Oh Gee, It's a Boy
Susan at Farmgirl Fare has the cutest baby animal pictures (and grown animals, too). This one is the newest donkey on their farm.(Photo Note: I met this cute kitty on vacation.)

There ain't no flies on us...
The Crafty Gardener shares a tip for keeping away flies. This seems to be a very old rick for keeping away flies. Crafty Gardener has not tried it yet, and would like to hear from anyone who has tried it.

My Soon-to-Be New Garden Table
A Study in Contrasts proves that trash picking really does pay. My Mom did this years ago; she made a table cloth for it, and it was a great little side table for our park bench.

The Perfect Pantry has a new feature called Market to Pantry.(The link will take you the a page with all the posts tagged Market to Pantry) These are pictures from Lydia's blog readers of their favorite place to shop for food. Market to Pantry is currently posted every other Saturday, alternating with Other People's Pantry's.

Red Hibiscus
I think Hibiscus are my favorite plant-I-can't-grow-in-zone-6. Actually, I don't think that's entirely true. I probably could if I were willing to drag it in and out of the house, find a place in the house for it etc. That is too much fussing for me. I will continue to enjoy other peoples' pictures. This post is from My Iowa Garden. (Clip Art from here.)

I hope you enjoy these posts. Stay tuned - I may actually manage a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day Post!