Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day was started by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. To see more blooms, visit her blog.

This past week, I have been on vacation with my family. My photos for this Bloom Day are of the house we stayed in, and some of the lovely flower beds. Please let me know if any of my flower ID's are wrong.

The house we stayed in in Gordonville PA. and a window box.

 Pink Geraniums


More Impatiens

 A rosebush

 Closeup of a rose bloom

 This butterfly was flying around. I haven't had time to look up what kind it is. Can anyone help me out?

 My assistant. She'd been hanging around since we arrived.
 There were a lot of Black-Eyed Susans

 The front garden

 Closeup of the pink flowers - Petunias I think

I spotted this kitty under the Japanese Maple in the front garden. S/he was too skittish to be petted, though.

Happy Bloom Day!!!


Beth said...

I believe that your butterfly is a Monarch. Was it near Milkweed?

Sarah said...

I think you are right! The butterfly was hanging around a large bed of milkweed.

Wandering Jew Plant said...

Wow, i really like the choice of the plants you have in your yard, especially geraniums.

Landscaping Minnesota said...

Good! such a nice garden...with owsum arrangements... i really like your efforts....:)

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