Blog Posts of the Week III

There are about two to three weeks of blog post links today. After my last BPOTW post, I didn't read blogs for approximately two weeks. You see, my little sister got married, and preparing for her wedding was much more important than blogging! I spent the past week or so trying to catch up on garden blogs; I just finished and have several posts to share.

Lincoln Star Clematis
First up is some Clematis. I get slightly jealous when I see other gardener's clematis. I have two plants. One normally blooms profusely; the other puts out foliage, and at 2-3 feet high dies back without blooming. This year it's a different story for another post. Anyway, Rosemary's Blog Spot has some lovely Clematis.

Clematis in Bloom
My Iowa Garden also has some very pretty Clematis.
(The picture is of my Clematis blooming last year.)

You Might be a Gardening Geek: Photography Edition
Carol at May Dreams Gardens posted a new edition of You Might be a Gardening Geek...This time it's the photography edition. I apparently do not qualify as a Gardening Geek when it comes to photography - I got one point.

Squirrels Viewpoint
The last qualification in Carol's post was about standing on a ladder to take a bird's (or squirrel's) eye view photo of your garden beds. In this post at Greenbow, all the pictures were taken from a ladder. I really like the effect. But don't worry, I won't be climbing any ladders any time soon. I may climb a chair or two, though.

Kitchen Garden How To: The Best Way to Store Parsley (and Other Herbs like Basil)
Susan at In My Kitchen Garden posted about the best way to store fresh herbs. Since I finally have an herb garden, this was a very helpful post.
(The picture is a sneak peak of the herb garden - I'm planning to post about it soon!)

Internet Book Tour With Chris McLaughlin: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Composting
A book review by Our Little Acre. While I don't consider myself a Complete Idiot (or Dummy) I find most Idiot's and Dummy's guides to be very helpful. There is only one copy in the local library system, and it won't place a hold for me. I sense a trip to the library to talk with a librarian coming up very soon.

Blueberries Turning Blue
This post from The Well-Read Gardener reminds me that I really need to get out and put bird netting over my berries. I kind of forgot about the berry canes last year; the birds got them, anyway. The blueberries, on the other hand, were doing very well; then one day they were all gone. This year I hope to be able to enjoy some blueberries!

Now that all the excitement of the wedding is over, I'm going to try really hard to get back to blogging regularly about my gardens!