My Plants Are Sprouting!!

I've ordered seeds from two company's this year: Johnny's Selected Seeds and Underwood Gardens.
My family has ordered vegetable seeds from Johnny's for several years, and we have always been pleased. Underwood Gardens sells heirloom seeds, and so far I've been very happy with their service, and also with the germination rate of the seeds.

There are three flats of seeds scattered throughout my house, a couple jars of plants being rooted, and a mini greenhouse. I have 2 varieties of Tomatoes; Brandywine and Mrs. Benson, 2 varieties of Cleome; Sparkler and Queen, 2 varieties of Calendula; a mix, and Flashback, several varieties of Cosmos - most are of the bipinnatus variety, but I planted one sulphureus variety for my Mom (Ladybird Mix). Of the Bipinnatus variety I have Old Rose, Double Click, a Pink variety and a mix. Also for my Mom are Chives, Bachelor's Buttons, Salvia, Parsley, Lupine and Columbine. I also have some 4 o' Clocks, Scallions, and Rose Campion started.

I'm trying an experiment with a couple of tomato plants this year: I started them in newspaper 'pots' and when they got their second or third set of leaves, transferred them to a (clean) Half-and-Half quart size container. The sides of the container have been slit and folded down. When the plants are taller I will straighten the sides, tape them together, and add more soil. So far things are going well. If the plants do well, I may use this method for all my tomatoes next year.

Farewell for now!


Welcome To My Gazette


I've created this blog to document my gardening successes (and failures). I currently have 3 gardens, and my Mom and I will be starting a vegetable garden this year. I'm very excited to finally have a vegetable garden after 2 years of not having one. :) I also take care of my Mom's and sister's gardens, when needed.
Currently, my main reason for growing plants is to collect the seeds. I grow vegetables mostly for the produce, although I am saving and growing seeds from one heirloom tomato variety. I hope to add more heirloom vegetables to that list very soon!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to give me advice!!