Garden Bloggers Geography Project

Jodi at bloomingwriter started this project to find out where in the world garden bloggers are and what's special about our communities.I live in Rochester, NY, and garden in zone 5. Some fun garden-related events are:
  1. GardenScape. My Grandma and I have been going for a few years. It takes place at the Dome Center, about a 10-minute drive from my house. They have a large arena that is turned into a huge garden. Vendors set up amazing flower arrangements, and it's a great opportunity to find new plants to grow. Last year they even had a waterfall. After you've looked at all the garden displays, you go over to Minett Hall where you can buy plants (Orchids, Cacti, Bamboo, and African Violets, to name a few), garden tools, seeds, jewelry, pictures, stepping stones, and tons of other stuff. There's even a booth just for kids to make projects. And, if you have a lot of money to spend, you could buy a greenhouse or swing set. This is one event I do not want to miss!
  2. The Genesee Region Orchid Society Show and Sale. This event is held downtown at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. It takes a bit longer to get there, but is well worth the drive. I've been going for two years, and done a lot of studying about orchids in between. This year I might even buy one. The first room is full of orchid displays by local growers. The displays are judged the day before and awards are given. There are usually a few workshops about orchid care. After you finish looking at all the orchids, you can go downstairs where local growers sell orchids. There are orchids in bloom, orchids almost ready to bloom, orchids that have just been started, and orchids that smell like chocolate. Some people sell potting mix for orchids, and books on how to grow them. A wonderful event for anyone who likes orchids.
  3. The Lilac Festival. Since the lilac is the official State Bush, it's only fitting to have an annual festival. The local news stations give reports on how well the lilacs are blooming, to help you decide the best time to go. There are musical performances, an arts and crafts show, a parade, events for kids, and even a lilac queen. Last year Martha Stewart came to the festival. It's been a few years since I've gone, but I'm hoping to go this year.
  4. Tinker Nature Park. They have lovely walking trails, and have restored the Tinker homestead. It is also the location of the Hansen Nature Center. They have many fun activities throughout the year.
Some things I would like to do, but haven't:
  • Visit the Butterfly Garden at the Strong Museum; the only year-round indoor butterfly garden in upstate New York.
  • Visit a local farmer's market. I've been reading about these on other blogs, and would love to find one. The only one I currently know of is in a bad part of town. There might be one in Chili, however I need to research some more.
Things to do that are not related to gardening:
  1. Visit the museums mentioned above
  2. Go to the beach - we are right on the edge of lake Ontario, and very close to Charlotte Beach
  3. Visit the Erie Canal. There's a plaza in Pittsford with some wonderful shops and restaurants. You could also go for a cruise on the Sam Patch, ride your bike along the canal, or feed the geese. (Sorry, it's not tuppence a bag anymore.)
  4. Visit the Susan B. Anthony House.
  5. Visit the George Eastman House.
  6. If you like the arts, We have the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, and Geva Theatre, among other things.
  7. Visit the Seneca Park Zoo. We have 15 of the species survival plan program species at the zoo. (There's a list here.)
These are just a few of the things you can do in Rochester. Rochester has an amazing history. Kodak's corporate headquarters are located here, Frank Lloyd Wright built a house downtown, and Fredrick Douglass started his abolitionist newspaper here, and his house became an underground railroad stop.

If you're ever in Rochester, be sure to check out some of the things I've mentioned.


jodi said...

Very good, Sarah. Your link in my comments doesn't work quite right, but I'm in the process of putting up your link at the top of my blog. Thanks for participating!

WiseAcre said...

I can't speak for anything except the Lilac Festival. The only other time I've been to Rochester was to pick up some Grateful Dead concert tickets at some coffee house in '72. Both visits were pretty colorful.

I'm happy to find another NYS gardener.

Tina said...

Ooooo! I really, really want to visit the butterfly garden too. Since the kids have gotten a little older, things like that don't interest them anymore.
But, I did get them interested in growing things and with our koi, so I guess it's a trade-off.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Hello, fellow Western New Yorker. I get to Rochester often as we have plenty of friends in the area and my in-laws live on Canandaigua Lake. My wife grew up there too.

I've been to Tinker, Mendon Ponds and the Lilac Festival. Also the Clothesline & Cornhill Festivals. Rochester is a great city with LOTS going on in the summer.

Apple said...

Hi Sarah,

My sister and I are hoping to get to GardenScape this year. I've always wanted to attend the Lilac fest but it never seems to workout. I didn't know about the the Butterfly Garden so I'll have to check that out!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the comments- Blogger didn't tell me about them for some reason...
Jodi- I've always had trouble putting links in comments - sorry it didn't work.
Wiseacre- I've only been to the lilac festival once, but I remember the lilacs were gorgeous.
Tina- Last year there was a small display of butterflys from the museum at both Gardenscape, and orchid show. They were so pretty; I don't know why I haven't gotten myself down to the museum yet. :)
Jim- Wow. I completely forgot to mention Mendon ponds and the Cornhill Festival; and I've never heard of the Clothesline Festivalt. There so many fun things to do in Rochester, I guess you can't get them all in one post. :)
Apple- I hope you get to go to Gardenscape. I really hope it works out for me to go with my Grandma.

Kerri said...

You're right Sarah..Rochester is an extremely interesting city, with lots to see and do. Our son, DIL and grandsons live there so we visit quite often. I've been to many of the places and events you've mentioned, and yes, the lilacs are gorgeous! It's not unusual to have snow or bucketing rain for the Lilac Festival (I've worked there as a crafter) but it's wonderful when the sun shines :)
I've also done several craft shows at the Museum and Science Center and Corn Hill.
Our son and DIL take the boys to Charlotte beach.
Thanks for sharing your little corner...and hi from another upstate NYer :)

Sarah said...

Kerri- The craft shows are so much fun! As are all the festivals. Thanks so much for reading my post!