I Voted Today; Did You?

This is a garden blog, and I have no desire to start any political discussions, but today was 'Super Tuesday' and I wanted to encourage people to vote. If your state has not yet voted, please go to the polls and vote when it's your turn.
I especially want to encourage the young people - I've heard that a lot of you don't vote. Your vote is important. Every vote is important. I believe that one of the best ways to bring about change is to exercise my constitutional right to vote.
As I stated above, this is a garden blog, and I don't want to start any political arguments. I'm going to stop there so that I hopefully won't start any arguments.



kate smudges said...

It looks as if the voting turnout was pretty good. I'm watching both CNN and Fox to watch the results and the commentary.

Sarah said...

kate- I heard that the voter turnout was much better than expected. Thanks for stopping by!