Green Thumb Sunday 2-3-08

Green Thumb Sunday
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I re-potted some plants this week. They weren't doing well, due to over watering. I read that Aloe likes wide, shallow pots, so I put some styrofoam packing peanuts in the bottom of the pot to aid with drainage and take up some extra space. The Mother-In-Law's Tongue needed a few leaves removed, along with some rotten roots.
Happy GTS!


Ginny said...

Thanks for rescuing my plants once again!


Sarah said...

Mom- no problem. I really wanted to get my hands into some dirt, and this was the next best thing to being outside.

No Rain said...

Hi Sarah,
A tip regarding the aloe repotting: After the aloe has been in the pot awhile, make sure there are no air pockets around the styrofoam. This can cause the roots to dry out even if the soil seems moist. Happy GTS, quite late!

Sarah said...

no rain- thanks for the tip. I will definitely check that out.
Thanks for stopping by!