Goodbye Winter Hands

Monday was one of those deceptively nice winter days where the sun is shining, the snow is melted, and it looks like the temperature should be about 50 degrees. I decided to go outside and pick up some fallen branches for some friends who need kindling. Turns out it was only 36 degrees, but I wasn't planning to be outside for that long. As I was pulling dead wood out of the shrubs, I noticed there was a lot of grapevine/wisteria climbing the shrubs and trees. So, despite the fact that I was slightly chilly, and had no coat on, I started pulling grapevine off the trees and shrubs. Several hours (and with severely scratched hands) later I decided I'd pulled down as much as possible and went inside. Not knowing what to do with my pile of grapevine, I left it outside. (Mom might want to make wreaths out of them. Now that we have had a snowstorm, it makes for nice winter interest.
Even though all that work made my spring fever go down from 104 to 101, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to move the next day. Surprisingly my fingers were the sorest and stiffest parts of me. I made dinner for my family, and it even hurt to push the buttons on the stove. It has also put a crimp on my knitting - I can only do a few rows without having to stop for a while. Even typing is difficult. So, I've said goodbye to my nice soft, white, unscratched winter hands, and said hello to spring and summer's aches, stiffness, scratches, and short fingernails.

My spring fever is rising again, though. The first order of seeds came today, from Johnny's. I was somewhat surprised that we had only ordered three items; Cilantro, Zinnias, and Snapdragons. It is probably because I am using last year's leftover vegetable seeds. I tested approximately ten seeds of each type for viability, and they all sprouted. At least I get to start some of the seeds soon. Maybe that will help my spring fever.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Spring is nearly here. I know those days where I just have to get out no matter how cold and sunny it is.~~Dee

jodi said...

Spring's no where near getting to us, except in theory...it's fun to be planning about planting now but I won't get to do it for several months yet!

Sarah said...

Dee- According to the weatherman, we may get some more of those spring-looking days that are in reality extremely cold. :)

Jodi- I will be starting seeds soon, so I'll get a hint of Spring. However, I'll have to wait a couple months to do any planting outside.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jan said...

Last Sunday I was out cutting down and then cutting up the varigated shell ginger that was damaged by the cold for the compost bin. That night my right elbow started hurting. I guess it was from trying to cut up all the ginger into small pieces. I hope your hands heal fast so you can plant those seeds.

Jan Always Growing

Sarah said...

Jan- I hope your elbow gets better. Give it lots of rest. :) My hands are much better now, but still a little sore.

Rosanne Lorraine said...

It's definitely good to plan early but it would even be better if you get the right equipment for gardening as early as now from WORX.

Sarah said...

rosanne- Since I use the Lasagna Gardening method there's really no need for any fancy equipment.