You Know It's Fall When...

  1. It's hard to find something in bloom
  2. Plants appear in every nook and cranny of your house
  3. The dirt under your fingernails starts to disappear
  4. Your hands get so cold you consider wearing gardening gloves
  5. Your compost pile gets really big
  6. You have trouble finding storage space in your shed or garage (or both)
  7. You spend less time in your garden and more time on the internet reading garden blogs
  8. The weatherman starts talking about snow flurries
  9. You wish you had a greenhouse
  10. You're making plans for next year's garden

We really got spoiled with the warm fall. Now the temperatures are in the 30's and 40's and not going any higher. Buffalo, NY is having their first snowfall of the season. A possible accumulation of 5-7" is expected. The forecast for Rochester predicts a possibility of snow every day through Friday.

Yesterday we finally bought some heavy plastic for the cold frame. I put it over the frame this morning and got half the job done, but between the wind, rain and numb hands I had to stop. I'm going to try planting some scallions in the cold frame, along with more lettuce, and maybe a few radishes. I finished harvesting the veggie beds - all that's left is what's under the cold frame. The carrots were smaller than I expected. Half of them had their growth stunted from the bean foliage that sprawled everywhere. I also pulled out the beans, harvested my scallions and some lettuce that managed to survive the cold weather. The scallions are pretty small since the tomato foliage blocked out most of their sunlight.

Farewell, and stay warm!

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Girl you are right on about your list of things that signify fall is upon us. I would like to add one more that comes to mind for me... The morning walk about is of a shorter duration.