Green Thumb Sunday

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As I was searching the yard for something to photograph for GTS I found this little Dandelion that is obviously very confused about what season it is.

I also discovered these pretty Cupflowers that are blooming profusely.

Happy GTS everyone!

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blueblue said...

We don't get frost here. When I hear about what the southerners go through with their tomatoes and cloches I am a tad grateful...but their vegies take off quicker than mine once the frost period is over.

Even the dandelions here are less frilly and abundant.

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Yeah, you still have flowers blooming.

Sarah said...

blueblue: I wouldn't complain about dandelions - they grow like weeds around here, and we joke that the roots must go all the way to china. ;)

chigiy: I'ts so nice to have some flowers still blooming. The weather has finally turned cold, so it'll be interesting to see what survives.