Green Thumb Sunday 11-25-07

Green Thumb Sunday

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All the pictures were taken on the morning of 11-23-07 after our first snowfall-that-stayed-on-the-ground-long-enough-to-take-pictures.

I've been meaning to photograph this tree for quite a while. There was no tag on it when it was planted by the developers, but one of our neighbors thinks it might be a flowering pear tree. Whatever it is, it has beautiful flowers in the spring, and has lovely fall colors.

The Canada Geese decided it was time to start flying south. In this picture they're actually North. Our theory is that they all congregate at Marketplace Mall before flying south. They were flying over our house for about 3 hours the morning I took this picture.

Here is my garden all covered in snow. The cold frame seems to be working better now, so maybe I finally got it right.

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No Rain said...

Look like just enough snow to be pretty but not a pain walking and driving. The tree does look like a pear tree I had many years ago.
Happy GTS,

Mary said...


The Canada Geese left here in flocks last week. (Ontario) There are many that remain here all year long. We see them on open spots of the river. But about March the flocks that left will be coming home and then we know spring is on its way.

Thanks for sharing with us. Happy GTS.


chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

The snow makes everything look so clean and pretty.

kate said...

These are lovely pictures - the snow adds much! I love watching the geese flying overhead in the fall. It was a few weeks ago that we heard and saw the geese flying over here. It is so cold today - we had a blizzard, which has thankfully stopped. It is truly winter now!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all your comments. The snow lasted 24 hours before it melted. The geese leave about 6 weeks before the winter snows really get going. I'm still hoping for a white Christmas, though!

Happy GTS, and thanks for stopping by!

Genie said...

Eek! Snow!

That tree, whatever it may be, looks lovely -- fabulous color!