Fall Chores

I spent my afternoon today planting bulbs and 'helping' (ok, supervising) my Mom with her flower beds. I planted 8 Hyacinth and 20 Anemone bulbs in my perennial garden. CountryMax had a nice selection of bulbs last year, and I'm hoping they do this year too. If I ever get around to stopping in and they do have bulbs, I'd like to try Gladiolus, and maybe some Irises.

Mom's flower bed had a lot of volunteer plants in it (we suspect Rose Campion). We were hoping that they were just growing in the mulch or on top of the landscape fabric. It was, so Mom pulled up all the landscape fabric before she planted her bulbs. She planted 8 purple Hyacinth and 20 Anemone bulbs. (The Anemone bulbs came in a pack of 40 so we split them.)

My Dad mowed the lawn this afternoon, for the final time this year, we hope. I noticed a lot of leaves got mowed over. If they're still there tomorrow I'll rake them up and start spreading them over my vegetable beds. I'm also going to try and get over to my Grandparents for some more leaves - they have more trees than we do, hence more leaves.

Stay tuned for my next project: putting edging around my perennial garden. I've never done it before, but how hard can it be?



Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice information. Is that what those flowers are? Cupflowers.. I'll have to remember that. I saw some at school not long ago and I wondered.
Well, 11:32 pm, and I had better be off to bed.

Sarah said...

Kristen: Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like my blog. :) The Cupflowers are a definite winner, and we're going to plant them next year, too. (This was our first year growing them.)