8 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Blueblue at A Spot With Pots tagged for the 8 things you didn't know about me meme. When tagged you must list the person who tagged you and post the rules. At the end of the post you must tag and link to 8 other people.

  1. I am a Christian and my life's goal is to glorify God in everything I do.
  2. Besides my parents and sister, our house is inhabited by 2 cats who tolerate a dog and have a passing interest in my fish.
  3. I love shopping at Build-A-Bear Workshops.
  4. I was home schooled from kindergarten through high school. My favorite subject was (and still is) history. My least favorite was math.
  5. My current favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille.
  6. My favorite colors are lavender and yellow.
  7. I have a natural blond streak in my hair.
  8. Astronomy is one of my hobbies.
I tag: My Mom at A Crafter's Chronology, Grace at The Picture Effect, Lisa at Greenbow, Diane at Lace-lovin' Librarian, Chigiy at The Gardener's Anonymous Blog, Chris at Through My Garden Gate. I can't think of anyone else, so if you want to join the meme, consider yourself tagged!



blueblue said...

I have a friend whose into making reborn dolls and all sortsa crafty stuff. Build-a-bear looks very tempting.

I didn't really like Maths as a subject at school, but developed an interest later on. I guess the presentation of parts of Maths without looking at the whole wasn't all that interesting.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sarah, I am glad you tagged me so I could find your blog. It seems very interesting, I will be checking back with you.

Just a few days ago I did the 8 things meme. If you don't mind go back a couple of days in the older posts and read that. I will wait just a little while before I do this again. I think it is difficult to think of things to write about myself. :/

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah said...

blueblue: Build-a-Bear is loads of fun, and JoAnn Craft stores are even carrying kits for stuffing your bear and decorating clothes.

Lisa: please don't feel pressured to participate in the meme, especially since you just did it. It was very difficult to think of things. I got stuck after the third one and had to think about it for a while. :)