Spring Chores

Tuesday was a nice, warm, sunny, busy day. I spent the morning re-planning the vegetable garden. Baker Creek Seeds sent me two free packets of seeds, and I had to work them into the garden plan. After lunch, I planted my snap peas - I bought an heirloom variety from Lowes. I covered them with chicken wire to keep the birds and chippies from eating the seed, and covered the wire with heavy plastic to help warm the soil faster.
While I was out looking around the veggie garden, I noticed that the chippie had dug a hole right outside the fence again. I filled it in with dirt, and placed a large rock over it.

While inspecting my bulb garden, I noticed that there was a lot of gravel in it. We think that when the gravel for the driveway was put down, the leftovers got dumped in the side yard. I spend a few afternoons every year picking out the bits of gravel.
After picking gravel out of the garden, I trimmed the Russian Sage plants. The one on the side of the house looked really healthy, so I cut it down pretty low. I left the one that we moved a bit taller; partly because of the wind, and also because my Mom lopped off the top of it after it was moved.

After coming inside, I promptly came down with a cold. Due to my cold and the weather, I haven't been able to get back out to see how things are growing. From inside, it looks like my garlic is growing an inch every day.

Most of my seedlings are growing well, and I should have the last flat started in the next few days.


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Ginny said...

For the record, Sarah, I cut the Russian Sage BEFORE it was moved, not after. Remember how big it was? We couldn't dig it up without cutting it. Besides, you gave me your blessing . . .