Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Today was a slightly warmer day than we've been having, and perfect for taking pictures.
The crocuses are pretty much done, and the hyacinths are getting ready for their turn to show off.
The Puschkinia libanotica that I planted around the Japanese Maple have bloomed. I thought there were some in my bulb garden, but they haven't made an appearance yet.

Moving inside, my African Violet is nearly twice as big as it was the last time it bloomed and it has 5 flower stalks this time.
Also, Mom's Christmas cactus has another bud on it.

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Apple said...

My mystery bulbs look a lot like your Puschkinia libanotica. The crocuses didn't last nearly long enough this year.

Sarah said...

My crocuses didn't last very long either. The Puschkinia is really neat, with the blue stripes on the flowers.