Moving Chives

Last fall, Mom and I finally got some Iris and Hostas out of their "temporary" (they've been in there since we moved in 2005) bed, and turned the bed into an herb garden. This garden is right against our shed, and in the shadow of the house. This will give the bed part sun. A couple of weeks ago I moved the chives out of my veggie garden, and put them in the herb garden. I have some other herbs in pots, but I want to wait a few weeks before putting them in the ground.

I couldn't believe the size of the roots! See all the rocks on the wood ledge? They all came out of the hole I dug for the chives.


Ginny said...

We ought to get either some pressure treated wood or some bricks to outline the new herb garden.

Sarah said...

Bricks would be nice. They're easier to move around than wood.