Giving My Blog a Makeover

Nearly every week I think to myself 'I should really do something with my garden blog.' Sometimes I take pictures of plants and think 'I should really post these on my blog.' However, for all that thinking about blogging, it never seems to actually happen. A couple of weeks ago Blogger sent me an email about their new template designer. I thought that just might be what I need to get this blog going again. I've never been completely happy with the way this blog looks. I have always had a picture in my head of how I want it to look, but could never find a template. I tried to create a template, but the HTML didn't quite click for me. Someday I'll take a class in web design and design my dream blog.

 Today I spent most of the afternoon re-designing this blog. I'm happy with it, it's not perfect, but it works. Please let me know if you find any broken links, or something isn't loading properly, or the colors are too hard to read.

 If you're looking for my tag cloud, it's below the posts. The posts are limited to 3, but I may make it 2 if it makes the page too long. Blogroll, Archives, Followers, and a few other things are now in the footer. I've added the page list feature, and am planning to make a few pages. Someday.


Christine B. said...

I think every blogger thinks about making changes every once and a while. For me, I don't get around to doing it unless it seems like fun. If I feel like I "need" to, it's a sure sign (for me) that I need to get out more. Everything I've learned about blogging, which admittedly isn't much, I learned from messing around and making mistakes. Have fun updating (maybe) your blog look.

My first crocus of the spring is in bud: life is good!

Christine in Alaska

Ginny said...

It looks fantastic, Sarah! I am fairly happy with my blog, but maybe, just maybe, I'll have to play around. What I really want is a custom header . . .

Beth said...

Looks great! I saw that there were new templates, but haven't given them a shot yet. It would be a good idea.

If I have any trouble, I'll call you, LOL.

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the comments!