Bulbs 2010

Every year I try to take progressive pictures of my 'Bulb Garden'. It's not strictly bulbs, there are a few Rose Campion plants, and last year saw the addition of some Leopard's Bane and Iris.

3-21-10 A few Crocuses and Snowdrops; nothing spectacular. I think I will need to buy some more of both this fall.

4-11-10 The Hyacinths were on their way out at this point, but you get an idea of how they looked.
4-28-10 The Tulips and Leopard's Bane are blooming.

Closeup of Leopard's Bane

You may have noticed that although the pictures are taken from the same spot, the hues are different. I always have difficulties photographing this garden. I've been experimenting with different features on my camera, but have yet to find the perfect combination that shows the flower colors and foliage accurately.


Sylvana said...

I like progression pictures. I try to do some in my garden, but I always find that the angles don't match right, or I lose/miss some of the progressions.

Love the leopard's bane. I bought some, but I think I may have weeded it out :(

Beth said...

Ooh, Leopard's Bane! I've never grown that one. How is it to grow?

Sarah said...

Sylvana - I don't think my angles are perfect, but they all look like they're from the same spot. For this garden, I try to stand at the center point, and back far enough to get the entire garden in my camera frame without zooming.

Mrs. Byrne - It's pretty easy! Debby and Naomi gave me some last year when they had their house sided. I left it in the bucket for at least 3 weeks before planting. It came right up this spring, and is doing well, even with all the heat.