GTS 6-22-08

Green Thumb Sunday

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One of my Clematis has bloomed, so now they are no longer 'left' and 'right'. The other one was doing very well, considering that I accidentally pulled it up last year. It had sent up two main vines, and about the middle of last week I noticed that one was all wilted. The vine does not seem to have any breaks in it, and the wilting goes all the way to the ground.

Clematis 'Blue Angel'. Personally I think the flowers are more lavender than blue, but that's probably a matter of opinion.

Happy GTS~


Aiyana said...

Love the blue clematis. My daughter-in-law has one just like it (in Denver) and I wish I could grow it here. I need a vine to help cool off some walls, and don't like many of the vines that grow well here, so I've put it off. Maybe this fall!

Sarah said...

I hope you find a vine you like! I love the color too.
Thanks for stopping by!