GTS 6-15-08

Green Thumb Sunday
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The first two pictures are courtesy of my Mom. The blue flower is a mystery - I haven't had a chance to go outside and look at it. The pink flowers are Rose Campion.

An update on the 'Annual Plant Invasion.' It has gone from the picture on the left with a 30x30 table, to a tv tray and the window ledge. For some reason the plants in the mini greenhouse aren't growing very well or fast. When I tried taking the cover off they all started to keel over, so I put it back on.
Happy GTS, and Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there!


No Rain said...
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No Rain said...

I missed your GTS post, so happy very belated GTS! The mystery plant on the left (blue flower) is Phacelia campanularia or Desert Bluebell. It grows in USDA Zones 7-10. I think you are outside that range, but some sources say it will grow in all zones. It is a common desert wildflower, and I have thousands in early spring as it reseeds prolifically.

Sarah said...

Thanks for identifying the mystery flower! I'd always wanted to grow it, but the one time I bought seeds, I couldn't get them to germinate.