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*On a whim I decided to see if I had any drafts for this blog and found this one. I probably never posted it because I didn't have any pictures to put in it. Still no pictures, but I figure better late than never, right?*

I've been pretty busy, as I'm sure most garden bloggers are. I got my veggie garden planted, and everything seems to be growing well. I did lose one Mrs. Benson tomato, but had an extra one to replace it with. I also wound up with 5 extra zucchini plants, as the garden center was sold out of single zucchini plants. The peas are falling over due to a nasty windstorm (thanks Scott Hetsko) they are also at the top of their poles. My parents bought some taller ones that I will install as soon as the wind stops.

My flower garden on the other hand, is not doing so well. I planted the Four o' Clocks and Flashback Calendula, and they all promptly keeled over and have not revived. Out of 9+ Four o' Clocks, only 2 appear to have survived. I planted some seeds in the garden, so maybe those will come up. The rest of the flowers I started keeled over and died before I even got them outside. I am planning to scatter seeds in my garden bed this week, so hopefully I will have some flowers by the end of the summer.

Remember the grapevine I pulled off the trees a few months ago? Well, I made some of it into a really cool trellis...as long as you don't try to stand it upright. It's rather lopsided. I tried to fix it, but due to the windstorm (thanks again, Scottie!) it looks worse than ever.

The good news is, I now have my own camera. My parents were contemplating helping me buy one, but then on one of the blogs my Mom frequents, the blogger got a new camera. Mom knew she wanted that one and offered me the 'old' camera. (It's not old in years,but in technology.) I decided that if she was going to buy a new one anyway, I might as well take it until I can save up enough money to buy one of my own. Oh, the point of that paragraph was that I can post more pictures since I don't have to share the camera with Mom anymore. Thanks Mom.


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