Annual Invasion of the Seedlings

The seedlings have once again invaded my room. Last year was supposed to be the last year, since we were planning to build a grow light system in our basement. Due to a lack of electrical outlets and my Father's health preventing him from installing more, the plants are once again in my room. Hopefully next year we will be able to have a light system. Until then, I will be thankful that I rearranged my room when I painted it last summer and have space for a 30x30 table in front of my window. Last year I 'only' had enough room for two TV trays.
The large 'greenhouse' on the right has snapdragons, petunias, 3 varieties of calendula, black eyed susan vine, verbascum, and a few strawflowers. I'm planning to plant more strawflowers, but didn't have space for another flat (until I got out the table; now there's space downstairs for it.) The mini greenhouse in the center has my pepper plants. They are getting tall, and today I had to take the top off. The 'greenhouse' on the left has tomato plants (Mrs. Benson and Brandywines) and 3 small pots of herbs. The flat in the front of the picture has my four o' clocks, and 4 tomato plants that got too tall for the greenhouse.

So far I have learned that I should not have started the Calendula and Four o' Clocks as early as I did. I think they will be ok as long as they are in large enough pots, but they may get a little tall and gangly before planting weekend comes around.

My next post will be about Gardenscape 2008. I will not crop the pictures before posting, so it may take a while to load.


kate smudges said...


Your seedlings are doing great - you'll have wonderful flowers and tomatoes this summer!

Jane Marie said...

isxdlSarah, I've been gardening a long time and I always get anxious to start my seeds. I am just now starting them because our frost free date is May 30th, although most years we can risk it by the 15th. This year, seeing how the weather has been, I'm afraid I'll have to wait until the 30th. The timing is something you just learn as you go along. It looks like you've got a great start so far.

tina said...

its not easy to grow this seedlings. am always struggling .

Apple said...

I started my seeds too early, but I do that every year and they do ok. My living room coffee table is now in front of my bedroom window and the large folding table is up in the office. I wish it would warm up a bit!

Tina said...

they're looking good!
Hang in there, it hopefully won't be too long before we're planting out (I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be before the 30th). Ugh, will this winter never end?!

Sarah said...

Kate- I'm looking forward to fresh vegetables, and pretty flowers, too!
Jane- I hope your seed starting goes well, and that you won't have to wait 'til the 30'th to plant! :)
Tina- I think the trick is to not over-water them. I use a water bottle to mist the plants not in greenhouses, and they seem to do pretty well.
Apple- I think a lot of people start plants to early. :) Have fun with your seeds!
Tina- It does seem like winter will never end. However, the Canada geese have been flying north, so it must end sometime soon! :)
Thanks for stopping by!