Gardenscape 2008/GTS 3-23-08

Green Thumb Sunday

Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday; visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

I've decided to post my Gardenscape pictures for GTS. I have not cropped any of them, so they may take a while to load.

This was my favorite. The description puts it much better than I could: "Mother Nature takes Over" 'What would happen if we left the office for a break and never returned? At Birchcrest Tree & Landscape, we asked that question, wondering what would happen if Mother Nature took over. Here is the answer! To our surprise, a garden began to grow. The seed packs meant for a customer sprouted up in the bag of topsoil we left behind. The untrimmed tree burst through the window and a family of cardinals has made a new home. A desk took root and became a part of the landscape. How do we reclaim our workspace? Maybe we won't! We'll take our paperwork elsewhere and allow this garden the life it deserves.'
The tree trunk on the right grew up through the floor. There are grasses growing out the top of the computer and the keyboard. On the left, is a chest of drawers with bulbs growing in the drawers. Also on the very right you can see the cardinals. They are a little more visible in the picture below.
This was part of the bonsai exhibit. I've always enjoyed seeing bonsai, and someday when I have time, space, and a lot more patience, I may give it a try.

The pictures above and below are of a really neat pond arrangement. The plants in the water were fastened to the bottom somehow so that they wouldn't float away. In the center was a Japanese Maple tree. I really liked the signs they used to label the plants. You can see one in the picture below.
The picture below amuses me immensely. This display is by General Motors. I find it rather funny to see a couple of cars surrounded by bulbs and flowers. Not exactly a natural landscape.
This wall of Petunias uses a system I've been reading about lately, and have been curious to see how it works. There was another display using this system, but it all grass, and not overly exciting.

I really enjoyed Gardenscape, and hope to go next year. I hope you enjoyed my photos. Happy GTS!


Rees Cowden said...

Gardenscape looks like it was alot of fun. I have thought of building something like the wall of petunias before and after seeing the photos I may just have to get busy on it. Is this an annual event?
Thanks for sharing.
Rees Cowden

No Rain said...

Very interesting photos. Looks like a great place to spend some time.

Sarah said...

Rees- yes, Gardenscape is an annual event.
Aiyana- I really enjoyed seeing all the displays and got a few ideas, too.

Jane M. said...

I liked the Birchcrest display too, a lot. But one thing bothered me: if nature was allowed to take over the inside of the office, why was the landscape outside perfectly manicured and weeded?

Sarah said...

Jane- Now that you mention it, the outside did look a lot better than the inside. Here's my theory: the town of Henrietta has an ordinance that if your grass gets to tall they'll come and mow it (and probably slap you with a large fine.) Anyway, assuming that this office isn't located in some obscure wooded area, that's possibly what happened. :) Or maybe the gardener was paid in advance to take care of the outside??

Apple said...

We liked GardenScape but it was a long drive on a miserable day. We were guessing that the wall of inpatients was done with those plastic bag planters with holes in them that I've seen a couple of places so thanks for the link.

Sarah said...

Apple- I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate with you. I'm glad the link for the flower wall was helpful to you.