Great Big Plants

A month or so ago, I received an offer to try Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost for free. Since I won't pass up anything free, I decided to give it a try. I'm pretty skeptical about this sort of thing, but this stuff works! It has revived my ailing catnip, my Mom's aloe, and several other plants. I'm not using it every week so that it will last longer. I'll definitely be using this when I plant my seedlings and try it in place of the Miracle-Gro fertilizer I was using on the vegetables.
It is incredibly easy to use. I thoroughly cleaned a one gallon milk jug, added 4 oz of Great Big Plants, and filled it with water. The bottle of Great Big Plants has a handy measuring guide on the side that is marked in 4 oz increments.

I will give an update when I start my seeds and compare sprouting times and growth speed to last year's plants.


Rees Cowden said...

I checked the site you linked to for this energy food for plants and will be curious to see how it performs. Keep us posted. I'm always looking for way to use products that are less damaging to the environment.
Rees Cowden
No Brown Thumbs

Sarah said...

Rees- So far I have been amazed at the improvement of the houseplants. I will definitely update as I get results.

Teresa said...

Interesting bottle if nothing else! It kind of looks like an energy drink for people. Don't take a swig by mistake...even if it is organic!

Sarah said...

Teresa- Well, it is marketed as an energy drink for plants. :) And don't worry, I keep it under the kitchen sink, away from any other beverages. :)