Lurking in Blogland

I confess - I'm a lurker. I lurk around message boards/forums, the Ravelry and MyFolia communities, and 97 blogs. Of those, 45 are garden blogs, 35 are craft blogs, 10 are Christian, 4 are food related, and 3 are miscellaneous. I guess one's personality can't help but spill over into your internet habits. I'm a very shy person, until I get to know people, and that spills into my blogging habits. I rarely comment on blogs unless I really really like the post. I rarely visit message boards unless I need help with something. As for Ravelry and MyFolia, let's just say I'm not a regular.

Part of my reason for lurking, is that I just don't have the time to spend commenting on the many wonderful posts written by people in blogland  (I should probably unsubscribe from a few), or spend hours reading new messages on forums, or play around with all the fun stuff on Ravelry.  The reason I don't have time is that I have trouble managing my time wisely. I've also been doing more crafts than gardening lately, because of weddings and the 300 hat project. So, everyone knows what happens when you don't check your garden every day, right? The Weeds start to take over the gardens, garden paths, and potted plants. Now, I do realize that The Weeds are really misplaced plants growing in the wrong spot. However, I'm still obsessively pulling them out. For the first time ever, my Anise Hyssop has started to spread- and not just around the area where it's planted either.  Nope, it looks as if somebody took the plant full of seed heads and shook it over the entire garden!

My next post will (try to) cover everything that's been growing on while I've been lurking around blogs other than my own. Now that I've owned up to being a lurker, and given my excuses reasons for lurking, what about the rest of you? What are your excuses reasons for lurking and not writing comments, being anti-social extremely quiet on message boards, and keeping your presence a mysterious secret on online communities??


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