Bugs Bug Me

I know I promised a garden update, but I need to vent. Bugs like me way too much. They get into my hair, they dive-bomb me, they suck my blood and leave itchy welts...they really bug me. The Japanese beetles are coming back. They enjoy dive-bombing me - which leaves a nasty red mark that hurts really bad. They also get in my hair. I'm seriously thinking of getting my hair cut to shoulder length.
Then there are the European Chafer beetles. They didn't bother me since they were out at night, and I stay in at night. However, I keep finding them dead in my garden. I assume they laid eggs before dying, so now I have to worry about my plants being eaten from the bottom as well as the top.
Lightening bugs have been hanging around my garden, too. They're ok, but I'm paranoid about anything flying too close to me. Yellow Jackets seem to think I'm fun to hang around- so far I haven't been stung, but they sure do make me nervous. My mortal enemy is the mosquito. I'm moderately allergic to their bites, which swell up to the size of a quarter (larger if I can't resist itching) and itch like - well, I don't know what, but they itch!

Then there are the ants. Ants never used to bother me. Now, we're finding them all over the place. Every time garden I've dug in a garden this year, sugar ants start swarming all over the place. Now, I can put up with a few sugar ants, but not a hundred. (Give or take 10 or 20). My Mom was moving some rocks that border her garden and there must have been a colony somewhere nearby, because they were swarming all over the rocks. I found a lot of ant trails when I straightened the bricks around my raised beds. I found them in the bulb garden, and the flower garden.

Ok, I'm done venting. I'm going to try and take some pictures for my next post without getting attacked by bugs.


Bobbi said...

Hi - I'm new to your blog, but I like what I see! Keep up the good work - I'll be checking back in!

By the way, the bugs love me too. I had a really bad problem with the 17 year cicadas during the month of June. They have all but died down now.

Jan said...

At least they are not the fire ants like we have down here. They can really bite. I know what you mean about the bugs. They bug me too. Have you thought about wearing a hat when you garden? I do to prevent skin cancer, but it would also keep the bugs out of your hair. Just a thought.

Always Growing

MrBrownThumb said...

It is always good to rant.

Thanks for the kind thoughts on my blog and mine are with yours and your family.

Keep up the good work.

Dee said...

I totally agree with you about the bugs! The monsoon season in Arizona has brought out the really big bugs here- there is a picture of a palo verde bug on my blog- really nasty creatures!

Sarah said...

Bobbi- Thanks for visiting! I'm glad your bug problem is better. Still waiting for the Japanese Beetles to leave...
Jan- I'm glad they aren't fire ants, either. Although the sugar ants don't bite, they can pinch painfully. I really don't like wearing hats, but I might start wearing one.

Mr Brown Thumb - You're welcome, and thank you!

Dee- that looks like a nasty bug. Maybe you should be glad your dogs bark at them - I can't get my sister's dog to bark at anything smaller than a rabbit. :)