Garden Resolutions/Goals

These are just my gardening goals. If you want to see my other goals/resolutions, check out my other blog.
  1. Start seeds on time.
  2. Keep up with sorting and posting photos.
  3. Don't ramble so much when posting. Sometimes I have to rewrite entire posts because they wouldn't make sense to anyone but me.
  4. Avoid getting sunburned.
  5. Take better care of indoor plants.
  6. Research any newly acquired plants and make a 'plant file' for it.
  7. Comment more frequently on other blogs.
  8. Sort seeds as soon as they are gathered instead of letting them sit around for a few weeks.
  9. Improve compost pile.
  10. Make an herb garden.
Being sick this week has gotten me to post and sort my photos on myphotoalbum.com. I'm nearly done, I just have to sort and post photos in the Miscellaneous album.

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