Long Week

Or, Why I Didn't Have a GTS Post.

It all started last Sunday Night. My Dad had an encounter with a deer on his way to Church. The damage didn't look to bad, just replace the headlight panel everything would be ok. Wrong! Appearances can be deceiving. Turns out the hood won't open. The car was still driveable, so Dad took it to the repair shop and they said 'there might be 'hidden damage' and it might cost more to repair than the car is worth. You need to have an insurance adjuster look at it.' Two days later the insurance adjuster comes and looks at the car (we were pretty sure they would total the car) and said, 'oh, I think it'll be fine once they get the hood off. We'll give you x amount of dollars toward the repairs.' After a big sigh of relief (who wants to look at cars in 20 degree weather?) we called the repair shop back. They won't be able to fix the car until the beginning of February. So, I'm now temporary chauffeur for my parents. I drive a standard, and my Mom can't drive it because the clutch is to stiff for her, and Dad can only drive it short distances.

I've also been trying to clean up my computer to help it run faster. This week I went through my internet bookmarks. I started with over 1,000 and my final tally is 677. Approximately half an hour into the process, my computer decided to slow down to slower than slow. Hitting it doesn't seem to help. Neither does threatening to throw it out the window. Tried begging, that doesn't work either. To help pass the time, I finished perusing the Burpee Seed Catalog.

Yesterday was one of those Murphy's Law type of days. I had to drive my Dad to the hospital because something got dropped that could get infected during his home dialysis treatment and they wanted to change a tube or something and gave him some antibiotic. For some reason I can smell the antibiotic and it gives me a migraine. Not fun. The weird thing is, I'm the only one who can smell it.
So that was my day yesterday. It did end better- I managed to make pizza that everyone liked (do you know how hard it is to make a pizza that even two out of four people like?!?) and I enjoyed watching Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey on PBS Masterpiece.

I'm nearly done tweaking my computer, so my number of posts per week will increase (I hope).
Happy Gardening and watch out for deer!


kate said...

Your dad is lucky that he wasn't hurt. I am sorry to hear though that the car can't be repaired until February.

Certain smells also give me migraines, even thoug they don't smell very strong to anyone else but me.

Sarah said...

Kate- We're very thankful he wasn't hurt.
Most of my migraines seem to be caused by smells. I'll probably talk to my dr. about it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Brent said...

I can't seem to hit my computer enough to get it to work right :)

Sarah said...

brent- I know how that feels! Thanks for stopping by!