Garden Presents

*I meant to post this a few days ago, but between New Year's celebrations, needing another picture, and coming down with a nasty stomach bug, it stayed a draft. Happy (belated) New Year!*
I was starting to get slightly jealous of all the garden bloggers who got cool gardening tools, books and ornaments for Christmas. That is, of course, entirely my own fault since I didn't put anything gardening related on my Christmas list. My Dad did get a neat garden hose sprayer nozzle that I will test at the first opportunity I get.

Then for my birthday I got this sign for my veggie patch! Isn't it cute? Since the snow had pretty much melted, I went out the next day, hung it on my gate, and snapped some pictures. I won't put it out until spring, and I'll probably take it in when we get windstorms. Until then I'll dream of fresh sun-ripened tomatoes.

Yesterday I got my first 2008 garden catalog from Park Seed Co. I haven't had a lot of time to look through it, but the first chance I get I'll read it from cover to cover!

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