Tired Muscles + Bad Sunburns = Vegetable Garden

I managed to get one 4x8 bed set up last week. I got half the sod dug up on Thursday, and the other half on Saturday. I also managed to get severely sunburned on Saturday. Anyway, all the bricks are in place, and the beginning 'lasagna' layers are in place. Interesting thing about the bricks - they aren't square. They also aren't 16" long, more like 15.5". So there's about a 6" space at one corner where they don't come together. I'll be looking for a half brick or maybe just cut one of the ones I have in half to fill in the space.
So, after I got the bricks set up around the perimeter, I smoothed out the soil in the bed, put down a layer of newspaper, straw, and grass clippings. The next layers will be compost, peat moss, and grass clippings until the bed is filled. I'm hoping to get the compost and peat moss sometime this week. In the meantime, I'll start working on the other 4x8 bed. And this time I'll make sure I've got plenty of sunscreen!

All the seedlings are growing quickly, so I'm going to start hardening them off this week. I know I should allow more time, but I've been rather busy lately. Better late than never, right?

Farewell For Now ~

PS~ I haven't forgotten about pictures of my tomato experiment, I just haven't gotten them posted yet. I'm also going to be taking some pictures of the process of building the vegetable garden.

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