Helpful Links

You may or may not find these links interesting. I've been going through the email I ignored while knitting hats, and found these links.

Thymes: This site sells bath, body, and home, products. I've looked at some of the ingredient lists, and although the products are not 100% natural, they are much better than some other things I've seen. For some reason the I can't view the ingredient lists right now -I think it's a site bug. I may give some of their stuff a try, and will blog about it if I do.

Call 811: If you are going to be doing any digging in your yard, call 811. Their website says that your underground utility lines will be marked for free. 'Nuff said.

Mother Earth News: This is a search engine specifically for finding mail-order garden resources. I haven't been very successful with it, but maybe you will enter the magic search term that finds exactly what you want.

Great Big Plants: I did not have the opportunity to try this on my gardens this year, but I was very pleased witht the way it perked up the houseplants. I did use it on my seedlings, and was very pleased with the results. I would recomend this to anyone looking for an organic fertilizer, or anyone just looking for a fertilizer.

I hope that some of these links will help with your gardening adventures.


Rosemary said...

thanks for the links will check them out

Sarah said...

Rosemary- I hope they can be of help to you. Thanks for stopping by!