GTS 10-12-08

Green Thumb Sunday

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I thought I'd share one of the few plants that really took off this year. This is my Mom's Black Eyed Susan Vine. Mine didn't do so well, although I got a couple of blooms. Either it hated my trellis, or it got too much sun. Anyway, these pictures were taken 9-7 and 9-14.


Aiyana said...

What a pretty vine. First I've seen of it. It probably won't grow here--seems whenever I find something I really like, Zone 9b is too hot!

Sarah said...

You might want to give it a try - it had a really hard time getting started, and didn't climb very well at first. A warmer climate might be just what it wants. It also seems to prefer sun over shade, although in your zone it might like the shade.

It's funny - I have the opposite problem - usually I want the plants that grow in your zone!