Autumn Harvest GTS 10-26-08

Green Thumb Sunday

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There was supposed to be a hard frost about a week ago so I decided to work at putting the garden to bed. I picked all the tomatoes, and now have two paper bags of green tomatoes ripening in the basement.

The bag on the right has 'saladette' tomatoes. They are slightly larger than grape tomatoes, taste good, and produce prolifically. I was amazed at how much the plant had grown over the summer. The variety is Juliet. I will be looking for this plant next summer.

The sweet peppers were pretty much done, so I picked all the fruit. The hot peppers were still growing pretty well, so I picked the ripe ones and covered the plants with a grow tunnel.

All three varieties of hot pepper are pictured to the right. The long one on the left and the curled up one are Sweet Cayenne peppers. They are the mildest of the three, and I will try to grow them again next year. The middle bottom is a Santiago Hybrid. They are the hottest, and I'm the only one who enjoys them in my food in large quantities. The pepper on the far right is a Hot Portugal. It is also very hot, and the plant did not grow very well. The plant only produced one pepper - I don't know if it was too shaded by other plants, or if it just got a poor start. These were the peppers from my Ferry-Morse mini greenhouse kit.

Happy GTS~


Jan said...

Looks like you had a good harvest. Everything looks so colorful that I bet they would be great piled in a bowl as a table decoration.

Always Growing

Sarah said...

Hi Jan,

The harvest was good, just not as large as I hoped for. The colors were great together on the kitchen counter! Thanks for stopping by!