Peppers; Hot & Sweet

Green Thumb Sunday

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It's been a while since I've had anything for GTS.  Today the peppers are the best looking plants in my garden.
This is a Sweet Cayenne pepper. It came in the hot pepper kit.
Santiago Hot Pepper. Also from the hot pepper kit.
Sweet Bell Peppers. Bought from Gro-Moore farm market. 


Bobbi said...

Nice peppers! We've had great pepper weather in Kentucky this year - it's been really hot!!!

Jane Marie said...

Your peppers are looking great. Mine Bell Peppers didn't do too well this year. I'm disappointed.

thorntonwilliamsfamily said...

This was our first year to have any land to garden, but most of it is sand on top of clay, so we did just about everything in containers. I have the hot peppers (jalapeno) by the front steps and have been stringing them up to dry as they are ready. Next year I plan on doing cayennes as they have more heat. The sweet peppers (yellow and red) were in the backyard (separated to keep heat out of the sweet) and we've been picking quite a bit. Wondering if growing in containers helped to keep bad bugs away from them. Other than that, we had a pretty successful year, considering our really bad start when a den of foxes kept digging up everything! Vikki from near Denver, Colorado // www.thorntonwilliamsfamily.blogspot.com

Jan said...

Your red peppers are looking very nice. I wish I could grow more vegetables but not enough sun on our property.

Always Growing

Sarah said...

bobbi- Thanks! I hopr you enjoy your peppers!

jane - I'm sorry about your peppers - the slugs got to my first bunch, but they seem to be gone now.

thortonwilliamsfamily- The containers may have helped -or maybe the bugs didn't find them. I'm glad the foxes here haven't dug up anything of mine. (yet!)

jan- I'm very pleased with how well they've grown. Thanks for stopping by!