I Don't Like Ike

The hurricane, that is. Ike is currently buffeting our house, yard, gardens, neighborhood, and city with winds up to 60 mph. My flowers are probably going to drop all the seeds I didn't collect today. The veggies- well I'd rather not think about that. I suspect that all most of my tomatoes will have fallen to the ground, stems will be broken off, and I'll have to race the slugs for the fallen tomatoes.

Thanks Ike.


On a brighter note, I got 3 columns back on my blog, and am using a background from The Cutest Blog on the Block. For some reason the three column backgrounds are too wide, so I'm just using a regular background.



Jane Marie said...

I like your dots. Good luck with Ike and may you get to your tomatoes first!

Sarah said...

Thanks - I did get to my tomatoes first!