Damage From Ike

By the time Ike reached Rochester, NY, it's force was greatly diminished. It still manged to do plenty of damage, though.
Our flowering pear tree snapped in two. Apparently an insect burrowed into the trunk and made a ring around the inside, so the tree would have died anyway. I would love another flowering pear - and it would match our other tree that survived the storm. My sister wants a fast-growing tree. My parents are open to suggestion. So, can anyone suggest anything to replace it with?
The tomatoes didn't suffer too much, and I was able to rescue the ones that fell before the slugs got to them.
The peppers weren't so fortunate.
The garden swing took a beating. There wasn't really any damage so I put it back together, and it's good as new. 

Coming up: Some pictures from vacation.


Anonymous said...

So sorry re: pear. Damage from bug prob'ly helped blow it down. We're getting two trees from Bristol's Garden; 1 maple with red leaves (not a Japanese) + a variety of dogwood which blooms all summer. Will know more when planner comes Sat. G&G

MrBrownThumb said...

Ah, too bad about your tree. The damage doesn't look too bad. Hopefully your garden has recovered.

Sarah said...

I will miss the tree - I don't know about the rest of my family, though. We have already replaced it with an ornamental cherry tree.
My garden has pretty much recovered, and I'm trying not to complain, since I know people in the southern states have had to deal with much worse damage.
Thanks for stopping by!