Tomatoes & Zucchini: Taking Over The Kitchen

The tomatoes have started ripening, and the blossom end rot seems to have cleared up. I've gotten quite a few seeds from not-quite-perfect fruits, and last week I made pizza sauce for the first time. It came out really well, and I will probably make more since the fridge is rapidly filling with tomatoes.
A huge windstorm came through last week and four of the Mrs. Benson tomato plants and cages fell over. All of the peppers fell over too. None of the plants were damaged, although one tomato fell off and got smashed. The garden is now criss-crossed with string: the tomato cages are tied to the fence in several spots, most of the peppers got tied to the tomato cages, I had one tomato cage left over and was able to slip it over one of the plants and tie it to the fence. It's a little difficult to get around now, but hopefully nothing will fall over.

My garlic arrived and I can hardly wait to plant it. I can't find any specific date to plant but most of the websites I looked at suggested mid to late October, so it's on my calendar for October 15-27. The variety is Sam Loiacono and I ordered it from Underwood Gardens. It is grown locally by a family in Canandaigua, NY.

Yesterday I found a large hole in my garden, presumably made by my chippy friend. I'm trying to think of something to cover his hole with since I'm getting awfully tired of filling in his hole every day. I also pulled up the zucchini plant because what little fruit it was producing would rot at the end before it got very large. Besides, I still have 5 zucchini in the kitchen that haven't been used and several cups of shredded zucchini in the fridge. I'd better get busy cooking, and finding some new recipes to try!


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