Making Pizza Sauce (And Pizza)

Every time I make pizza sauce, I use a larger pot. I started with a 3.5 quart, moved on to an 8 quart, and today I'm using my Mom's huge stock pot. It holds 16 quarts and 24 pounds of tomatoes!
For some reason making pizza sauce makes me want to eat pizza, so I decided to make pizza for dinner. The sauce won't be ready in time for dinner, so I pulled some out of the freezer and made some dough in the bread machine.

Then I went out to the garden to pick basil for the sauce and anything else that needed picking and wound up with another dozen tomatoes. If I have time on Friday I'll can them. I also got a gorgeous red pepper - the first I've ever grown- and some lettuce. Now that things have cooled down a bit the lettuce is doing much better.

The herb container garden is doing well, although the smaller ones are having a difficult time growing since I keep pinching sprigs for tomato sauce and pesto. We are planning to winter them over inside. The current plan is to put as many as possible in a window box; it should take up less space than having individual pots of various sizes.
If you're curious, here's a list of the plants that we will be attempting to winter over in the house:
Mandivella (Alice DuPont var.); Basil, Sweet and Spicy Globe; Lovage; Winter Savory; Rosemary; Fennel; Pineapple Sage. I'm not entirely sure all of the above plants will survive the winter this way, so I'll be doing some research in the next few days to figure out the best way to winter them over.


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