The Windy City: Rochester, NY

Yes, I know that Chicago is supposed to be the windy city, but it was misnamed. Two huge thunderstorms came through the area on Tuesday, with wind gusts of up to 70 mph. Everything seems to have survived, except for one tomato plant. The stem appears to have snapped.

Before the storms started on Tuesday I was able to mulch my flower bed and take some pictures. It looks a lot better now. It is still windy, however and causing me some trouble, particularly with the taller plants. I had the same problem last year. Since we live in a brand new development there are no full grown trees to break the wind. I'm still thinking up solutions to solve the problem. So far the best one is to buy a hedge rose and plant it along the south side of the garden.

Everything seems to have perked up - hopefully it will stay that way. On Wednesday I planted my Horehound (in a pot so it won't spread). The Pennyroyal finally started growing, and I'm considering planting it in the flower garden, since it hasn't spread much in the container. The 4 o' Clocks are also doing much better since the rainstorm, although they do seem to be growing quite slowly.

Farewell From the Windy City of Rochester!

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