Needed: Precipitation to Lessen my Perspiration

In other words, we need rain! Unfortunately the meteorologists have not scheduled any rain until next Tuesday. So until then I will keep watering my plants the hard way. One of my tomato plants (Brandywine variety) was completely wilted to day. I gave it some extra water, hopefully it will revive.

The critter problem seems to be fixed, so I've turned my attention to the problem of insects eating the plants once the Sevin wears off. The 3 peppers closest to the basil plant seem unaffected, and since basil is supposed to be very easy to root, I'm going to root several branches and plant them near the affected plants. I may also get some marigolds, but since I'm very allergic to them they will be a last resort.

On the bright side, my flowers are doing very well. The calendula is a little droopy, but other than that all the plants are happy and thriving. I hung my Zerbina Wandering Jew on the porch since it did very well out there last year, but it is taking quite a beating from the wind this year. If the wind keeps up I'll have to move it inside.

I take pictures of my gardens and plants nearly every day and post the good ones here.

Farewell ~

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