Where but in a garden do summer hours pass so quickly?

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my gardens! Hopefully I can get some pictures posted this afternoon. The vegetable garden is doing well. All the tomatoes seem to have survived, and the beans and radishes are coming up. So far the carrots, lettuce, and scallions haven't come up. I went to the local farm market last Friday and bought 6 pepper plants, 1 zuchinni,
1 basil, 1 horehound, and 1 chive plant. I also bought 2 varieties of cleome for my flower beds- Rose Queen and White Queen.

The hardest part of gardening is waiting for the harvest. Right now I'm watering every day and fixing the parts of the garden the chipmunks dig up. If they start going after my plants I'm going to declare war on them. I also started fertilizing my tomatoes today. I used Miracle-Gro (R) Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food on my container garden tomatoes last year and was very pleased with the results. I fertilize every 14 days, as instructed on the label.

All my flower beds are doing very well. I am having some trouble with the 4 o' clocks, but I think they'll be ok. The bee balm started spreading this year, and even though I pulled up quite a lot, it's still taking up a lot of space. That's what makes gardening fun, you never know what will come up where.


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