Mosquito Repellent

Have you seen the commercials for Off!'s new mosquito repellent? I have to admit, I was rather skeptical. My Mom got a coupon, and I gave it a try. I've only used it twice, but didn't get a single bite either time. I should pause her to explain that I am a mosquito magnet. Other people say it's because of my sweet personality. Whatever the reason, bites swell up to the size of a quarter, and only an ice cube on my bare skin relieves the initial itch/swelling. While spray-on repellents work, I inevitably miss a spot that the mosquitoes find. Plus, I'm sure that spray-on repellent's aren't very healthy for my skin.

Back to the Clip On - the first time I used it was on a bike ride around 8 PM. I was amazed when I got back to have no bites. Instead of clipping it to my clothes where I was worried about it falling off, I clipped it to a cable on my bike.

The second time I used it was this past Sunday, the Fourth of July. My pastor and his wife invited me, and some other folks, over for a cookout; later we went to see the town fireworks display. I was outside for a good 3+ hours. One of the girls who joined us got a couple of bites, but I was bite free!

The other bonus for me is that there is no discernible scent. So, go look for a coupon, and get yourself one...or two...or buy them for the whole family!
*Off! has not asked me to blog about their product, nor am I receiving any compensation for blogging about it.*


Sunita said...

Wow! This sounds fantastic! Ever since the monsoon season started here, Mumbai has to be Mosquito HQ ! I hope they plan to start selling this here too. Until then I think I have family coming in from there who can be cajoled into bringing me enough Off! to see me through this monsoon ;)

Sarah said...

Sunita - I hope you can get some! Be sure to get a bunch of refills, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, Much of my time is spent in Budapest, Hungary where, as you may possibly imagine, in summer the mosquitos are a real problem. So much so that the government has a policy of spraying the breeding grounds in the earlier part of the year.

I have tried 'Off' and, for me, it really works. Fortunately its slightly strange smell wears off fairly quickly!