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You would think that with no job, I'd be keeping up with my blogging. Obviously that has not been the case. Here are the latest blog posts that I've enjoyed and want to share.

Benefit with vermicompost from your own wormery!
If I put a vermicomposter on my Christmas list, do you think I might get one? This post at Garden Desk shows a side-by-side comparison of peas, half composted, half un-composted. (Is 'un-composted' a word?)

How to Water Small Seeds and Seedlings
Have you ever watered your seedlings, then realized that your watering can (or kitchen glass) has flattened your precious seedlings? Mr. Brown Thumb has the perfect solution!

Fruit Brushetta
The pictures in this post at Rosemary's Blog Spot look absolutely delicious! The fruit possibilities are endless!

Are Vegetables Underused?
From The Veggie Patch Re-imagined, this was an interesting read. The post talks about parts of plants that you might not think of using, such as squash blossoms, garlic scapes, and various leaves.

Deluxe Grow Box Self-Watering Planter
Mr. Brown Thumb had previously made his own from scratch self-watering planters. He wanted to see how they compared to the real thing, and received a Grow Box from Clean Air Gardening to review. Check out his post to see the results!

You Know You're a Cheap Gardener When...
Posts like this one, from In the Garden Online, make me smile. Not so much because I find them funny, but because I've done some of those things myself. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my...cheapness.

How to Reuse Mesh Produce Bags in the Garden
This post is also from In the Garden Online, and might save some money! I use one to store garlic, and it has worked very well. I will be trying some of the other ideas as well.

Rose of Many Colors
A lovely rose collage at My Iowa Garden.

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