GTS Good & Bad News

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 The rain finally stopped long enough for me to check out my gardens today. In the vegetable garden, the zucchini is growing, but all the blossoms have fallen off.

I was able to harvest this lettuce, but most of the other lettuce plantings went to seed. (I still haven't figured out how that happened since it has rained nearly every other day this week, and been chilly on top of that.)

The half of my tomatoes that are huge (and have some small fruits growing) already have Black Spot.

The Cherry Tomato looks great, but it's attacking my two potted pepper plants so I have to move them someplace else.

The snap peas are growing long nearly empty pods, but three of the cucumber seeds have sprouted. I planted them under the peas because there were only about 4 pea plants at the time. About a week later the rest of the peas sprouted, and I had no idea what happened to cucumber seeds.
 My flowers look nice, but the leaves are starting to yellow from all the rain.


Flowers said...

Enjoyed your garden tour. it looks great. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

Sarah said...

Flowers- Thanks!