Trading Meteorologists

I've been trying to get my Lilac Festival post together, but every time I try to get started I can't keep my eyes open. Maybe I should work on it in the morning, instead of before bed. My sister took some great pictures, so while you wait for mine, go check hers out.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone wants to trade meteorologists with me? All week they were predicting a nice warm Friday and Saturday - with temperatures in the 70's as opposed to the upper 50's and lower 60's. Yesterday the forecast suddenly changed to temperatures in the upper 60's. My poor plants that I'm trying to harden off are threatening to die because it's been so cold! And I'm supposed to be planting them within the next week??
Lets see; For sale or trade: one weatherman with low temperature predictions in the near future. Will trade for a meteorologist predicting clear weather with temperatures in the 70's or 80's.
On second thought, maybe I shouldn't say 'for sale' since that would leave me with one of the meteorologists on the other local channels.
Maybe I should try trading the forecast instead: Up for trade: forecasts for Friday and Saturday, May 23 & 24. Early birds get Tuesday and Wednesday, May 27 & 28 as well.


Ginny said...

Too funny!


jim/ArtofGardening said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures. We never made it out there for the festival this year.

I would not trade our weatherman. He just did a segment on the evening news on one of our gardens that was in a national magazine and talked to me on air about Garden Walk and all the national press many of our gardens have been getting. He's also got a garden on the Walk. So no, you can't have him.

Try trading for a weatherman in Syracuse. Rochester would be light-duty for one of them.

Sarah said...

Jim- oh well. I figured it was worth a try. :)