Blogger OpenID 'Feature'

Chigiy over at The Gardeners Anonymous Blog posted recently about Blogger's new comment feature which won't allow people using other publishing services to leave comments with their URL in them. I was not aware of the change, so thanks for blogging about it!

Since I like to visit my commenter's blogs, I've changed my comment setting to Registered Users (includes OpenID). So, if you have an account with Google/Blogger, AOL/AIM, LiveJournal, TypeKey or WordPress you can leave comments and have a link to your blog. If your blog is not hosted by any of the above options, you can use the Any Open ID option. Unfortunately, this means that you can no longer comment anonymously if you don't have a blog or Google account. If you would like to contact me, I'll be adding an 'email me' link soon.

EDIT: In playing around a little more, I discovered that the 'anyone' option has OpenID and allows anonymous comments.


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