GTS Bamboo

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This is (currently) the only plant in my room. I've had some trouble keeping bamboo alive in my room. Part of the problem is lighting. A couple of weeks ago, I moved it, and it seems to be doing okay so far.

This bamboo plant is in the bathroom. It must like all the steam, since despite an apalling lack of regular watering, it is thriving.

Happy GTS,
PS - The bamboo is not true bamboo, but the bamboo marketed as 'Lucky Bamboo'.


Gardeness said...

I managed to kill a Lucky Bamboo, go figure. Now I just stick with the real stuff that goes out in our yard.

Sarah said...

Gardeness - I've managed to kill a couple too. It seems to be related to the amount of sunlight it receives. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Jan said...

I have the same plant in my bathroom, and it was growing so well until the cat got it. It is slowly recovering, and I am hoping it will one day look as pretty as before.

Always Growing

Sarah said...

Jan- I'm glad the cat didn't destroy it. One of my cats is constantly trying to help herself to the catnip....